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Maguri/Maora Community

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Welcome, dear fellowers of the MaMa love. This is, as you may have seen already, the first and so far only Maguri/Maora community out on Livejournal. This place is a chance to meet other fans, and share graphics, fanfics and art and to get shiny reviews, yourself fans and a harem.

> This is a community for fans of one pairing - Maguri/Maora; it is not allowed to discuss any other pairs or post fanfictions and art of anything else than Maguri/Maora. It is okay to use other pairs in a fanfiction or fanart as long as it's still Maguri/Maora centric.

> NC-17 works are okay, of course they are, but please: never forget to put in your header that it's not safe!

> This is a shounen-ai pairing, be aware of that before you join.

> It is not necessary to post your stories and/or art directly to the community, but it is preferred.

> Fanfictions can be either written in English or in any other language you like, so don't bother to link us whatever you have!

> No flames. No l33t. And check your HTML before you post an entry/comment.


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