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08 May 2008 @ 04:42 pm
An Introduction and a Fic  
Howdy. I'm new here. I'm also mindlessly obsessed with Maora and Maguri this week, which I suppose makes me mindlessly obsessed with SDC by association. I'm a huge Arina Tanemura fan, having also adored Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Full Moon wo Sagashite. I recently read that Time Stranger Kyoko is going to released in English, which makes me very excited because years of searching for scanlations or Japanese tankoban have yielded nothing.

I actually didn't really care for SDC when I first started reading it, but I kept up with it because I knew I would not be let down by my most beloved mangaka. I started to enjoy it at vol. 3 and vols. 4 and 5 got me hooked enough to start scouring the internet for scanlations of the rest of the series to date, which I spent all day yesterday reading. And then I reread all of the parts with Maora and Maguri.

And then I wrote a fanfic.

Title: A Series of Surfaces
Author: neptunesubmerge
Word Count: 1,101
Rating: I give it about a PG-13 to be on the safe side, but I doubt it warrants that much.
Warnings: Spoilerific circa chapter 27 or so.
Summary: Maora and Maguri explore only the very surface of who the other is.
Beta Reader (if any): *wipes sweat off brow* I actually did not use one.
A/N: It's linked to FF.N! And various paragraphs are numbered to play up the idea of a "series." But its really just a one-shot.

There was an irony here, even Maguri wasn’t too willfully blind to see that.